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2021 Britannia One Ounce Gold Coin


These 2021 Gold Britannia Coins are perfect for investment. The bullion coins are the first Britannias to feature new, enhanced security features.

Struck from 999.9 fine gold (24 carat), these gold Britannia coins contain one troy ounce (31.1035g) of gold. The coins are sold at low premiums over the live gold price.

Theses pound sterling coins are exempt from capital gains tax, making them particularly attractive for British gold investors. They are also British legal tender.

Security features:
• Micro text next to the coin’s banding reads ‘DECUS ET TUTAMEN’, which translates as ‘AN ORNAMENT AND A SAFEGUARD’
• A latent feature switches between a trident and a padlock as the viewer changes their perspective, representing both Britannia and bullion security
• Tincture lines highlight Britannia’s Union flag shield, a powerful symbol of Britain as a whole
• Surface animation reflecting the movement of the sea, adding to the intricacy and safety of the coin

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