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500g Gold Minted Bar


This is a cast Johnson Matthey & Pauwels 500g gold bar.

It is stamped with the company’s logo and a registration number for authenticity.

Although this bar is stamped as being .9999 fine gold, we have checked it through our Niton metal tester and the results indicate it may not be.

Traces of platinum and cobalt were detected, quantities of which can be seen in the product pictures on the left or in the ‘More Info’ section below. We expected the bar to test as ‘999’.

The figures shown are as parts per thousand. The figures in brackets are tolerances.

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey can trace its roots back to 1817, when P.N. Johnson set up business as a gold assayer in London. In 1852, the company was appointed official assayer and refiner to the Bank of England. The firm is no longer involved in precious metals refining, having sold that arm of the business in 2015, and now focusses on chemicals and sustainable technologies.

Johnson Matthey and Pauwels

Johnson Matthey and Pauwels were a Belgian subsidary of Johnson Matthey.

Note To Potential Investors

Our advice usually follows that for a pure investment purchase you should  compare premiums and go for the lowest possible. These are often, but not always, on coins rather than bars.

Remember that coins also have an advantage when you come to sell as you can sell part of your collection. Say for instance you have 16 gold 1 oz coins instead of a 500g gold bar. You can sell say 5 of these when the price is right and it suits you whereas you would have to part with the full gold bar in a single transaction.


Niton tester results:

Gold 990 (±5)

Platinum 10 (±2)

Cobalt 1 (±0)


Niton tester results:

Gold 993 (±4)

Platinum 7 (±2)

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